2021 Harvest Delay

The culprits: 100s of Cedar Waxwings.

As of mid May 2021, the “pakistan” mulberry harvest has not even started. The reason: mobs of cedar waxwings attacking the trees in search of water and food. It’s clearly been a great year for their egg-laying: we’ve never seen so many birds. Our property is littered on an hourly basis with pounds of underdeveloped fruit destined for the rake and compost bin. It’s a sad affair, and the worst in our 13 years of business.

Stay tuned. If you are on our distribution list, we hope to start mulberry pick-up points in Palo Alto by June, 2021.

The good news is that we are allowed to again start hosting private parties on site for corporate teambuilding or birthdays, etc. A great evening also featuring the pizza oven. See: CityOfCocktail.com


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