Mulberry Off-season: good living and recharging.

donatoThe leaves have finally fallen.  Let’s pray for cold weather, good for running, good for skiing, good for sitting by the pizza oven with a glass of wine… and new grape varietals have been on my mind since attending Chef Donato’s recent event, the Enoteca100.  Whole roasted pig and so many yummy wines from Italy.  Thanks chef!  Enjoy the mulberry jam, and join me a planning for a bountiful harvest this summer.

To my farmers market customers, my stock of jam is down to two cases.  Email me direct if you want shipments for the holidays.  I am sold out of honey, as I’m letting the bees keep everything else for the winter.  And mulberry tea is also in limited supply.  Fresh mulberry season will arrive by late April or early May, depending on rains and heat.  Stay tuned on Instagram @theMulberryGuy and my FB page.


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