Private Events at the Mulberry Farm!


Date Night , Family Night , Team Night — whichever applies to you,  here’s your chance to enjoy an unprecedented private visit to the Bay Area’s oldest Mulberry Farm.  A variety of program options are available to you and your group.  Pick berries and learn to make jam.  Use the pizza oven from logs to slices.  Enjoy a private Mixology101 cocktail making class.  Create your own tea blend and teabags from farm-only ingredients.  Learn how to build and operate a DIY meat smoker.  Stick your protected face into the bee hive.

Plenty of outside areas for you to enjoy the evening with your friends, family bubble, or corporate team.  The standard safety requirements are in effect, but you will enjoy the comfort of our indoor/outdoor event space all to yourselves.  Contact Kevin to discuss your dates, times, budget.

more details at


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